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It’s a Latin word which means name of person, place, thing or idea.

Example: Ali, Tom, Noman, Alia, Fever.

Kinds of Noun:


Proper Noun:

It’s a specific or particular name of a person, place, thing or idea.

Example: Ali, Tom, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Peshawar.

Common Noun:

It’s a general name and can be shared.

Example: Table, Boy, City.

Concrete Noun:

It can be seen and touched.

Example: Table, Fan, clock, notebook.

Abstract Noun:

It is name of a quality, state or action.

Example: Fever, honesty, truthfulness, theft, poverty.

Countable Noun:

It’s a name of countable thing.

Example: table, fan, clock.

Uncountable Noun:

It’s name of uncountable thing.

Example: Milk, Water.

Collective Noun:

It is name of a collection or group.

Example: Army, team, class staff.


Genders of Noun:


Man, boy, ox.


Woman, girl, cow.


Teacher, student.

Neuter: stone, fan, table, door.

Singular Noun:

Example: fan, mirror, clock, wall.

Plural Noun:

Example: fans, mirrors, clocks, walls.


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