Class 9th physics notes

Physics Notes 9th Class (KPK)

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Physics notes:

Physics notes for 9th class are here. The notes are separated by chapter wise. You can download according to your requirement. In case of any downloading issue kindly contact us through chat or our contact us page. Moreover other subjects related notes, quizzes and videos also available and we will upload new content every week as well. For updates you can like and follow our Facebook page. If you have any suggestion or found any objectionable content on our website, please notify us through our Contact us page.

34 thoughts on “Physics Notes 9th Class (KPK)”

  1. thanks a lot, brother you’re doing a good job.i studied these notes it’s very easy and useful and I hope all the students will be like its very much.

  2. Great job brother i was looking for these notes from sevral day then one of my friend tell me about this site …and i found it the best.

  3. sir bohut zbr10 effort hai apka laikin sir is mai editting ki option agar on hjo jayai tao buhut mehrubani hogii apnai us per password lagaya howa hai

  4. Please make intermediate notes for students of KPK boards as soon as possible.
    It’s very useful site for students.

  5. Outstanding notes through out Pakistan,,
    This is the first notes I ever see in my life,,,
    Allah apko mazeet ilum ata farmaye

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