Updated: 12 Feb 2018


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We provide helpful videos of different topics, subjects and day to day tasks. These videos are free for everyone who want to learn. Videos will be categorised.

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We provide helpful notes, mcqs for different topics, subjects and tests. Currently we are working on Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science subjects.

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We prove online quizzes for different topics, subjects, tests etc. You can prepare yourself for fts jobs, nts jobs and other jobsĀ  by Participating in online quizzes because we designed these neatly.

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The main purpose of tehkals.com

“A human being’s primal purpose is therefore to become God’s vicegerent (Khalifa) by actualising his or her servitude to God. The nature of this servitude necessitates having knowledge of Him, learning His ordinance, and living by them so as to guard human authority from abuse and corruption. It also necessitates becoming agents of mercy, justice, peace, and development “
Principles of Islamic Pedagogy: A Teacher’s Manual