Matrices quiz 1

Matrices Chapter 1 quiz 1:

Matrices Chapter 1 quiz is here. There will be 20 multiple choice questions. If you can't see any question please refresh the page.

1. Deselect Answer
2. Deselect Answer
3. Deselect Answer
4. Order of matrix can be written as _______.Deselect Answer
5. A matrix in which number of Rows equal to number of Columns is called _____ matrix?Deselect Answer
6. Deselect Answer
7. A matrix in which number of row and number of columns are not equal is called ______ matrix.Deselect Answer
8. Deselect Answer
9. uc?export=view&id=1SWyQbs jwWs0g Zi8D2Ag2bactutkZW0Deselect Answer
10. Deselect Answer
11. Deselect Answer
12. uc?export=view&id=1VqRIrBVPNqZjshak2IJbfDOhbqA EfSQDeselect Answer
15. Deselect Answer
16. Deselect Answer
17. uc?export=view&id=1J4Deselect Answer
18. Identity matrix is represented by ______.Deselect Answer
19. Identity matrix is also known as ________ identity.Deselect Answer

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