Are We Blindly Following the Theory of Evolution?

Updated: 04 Aug 2020


 Theory of Evolution:

Darwin’s theory has long been taught at our educational institutions. However, modern researches show that this theory has misled us. Many of the modern-day scientists have pondered and concluded that this theory has flaws and can not be accepted. So the question is, is this the time to move away from Darwin’s theory of evolution?

The theory of evolution was first rejected by Darwin’s contemporary scientists who thought that the theory had no solid base. Mere hypotheses were not enough for them to accept it, so they disagreed. This disagreement left the door open for research in the future. However, a few were keen to work in this regard and thus the theory remained untouched for almost one and a half-century. The result is that quite a decent number of people think that the doors must remain shut for research. Even some believe that this theory can never be challenged. However, the fact is that a theory can be challenged and it should be challenged. The doors of research must remain open for the open-minded people.

Every theory has to be put on the testing rod of experiments for it can either be proven right or wrong. Research must go on until a theory is proven right or wrong. Shutting the doors of research will lead towards blind following which will make the world remain in darkness.

A theory needs to be based on some experiments or at least observations. However, Darwin’s theory of Evolution is merely based on hypotheses and there is no other clear base for this theory to stand upon. Natural Selection, according to which all organisms compete for their survival, is the backbone of this theory. In simple words, all those organisms that are fit survive and the remaining do perish.

According to Darwin,  only fit organisms survive and the remaining perish in the competition. If by fit Darwin meant strong then lion is stronger than any other organism. The question is why is it declining? A lion is stronger than a goat, sheep, or cow, but still, it is declining. If a lion is a fitter than a goat or sheep then why do a goat or sheep survive and a lion can not.

Some may think that a lion is a predator in the food chain and it is declining due to lack of prey. This thinking leads us to the wrong track because goats, sheep, cows, buffaloes, and even homeosapiens are its prey. So much prey is available for lions.

Another view in this regard is that the lion is declining due to human activity. If we accept this view then we are forced to reject “Natural Selection” because only fit organisms survive and here the word fit is fitter for lion than for a man. So man is surviving and fitter than man, which is a lion,  is not surviving. Man is a part of nature. He is less fit than other organisms in nature, but still, he is surviving and not only surviving but dominating nature.

Furthermore, there is a view that man has survived due to technology. Take away technology from the man’s hands and then he will not survive. I think it is shortsightedness. Did man have technology in the past? He has survived for thousands of years without technology, so technology is not the cause of man’s survival.

Some may think that although man is physically weak, but he is intelligent and he is surviving because of his strong intelligence. However scientific researches show that there are animals that rival our own wits. On certain memory tests, chimpanzees do far better than humans. Dolphins and elephants are also very intelligent, but in the present world scenario, we find that these organisms are declining. If by fit we mean intelligent then why more intelligent organisms than humans are still declining?

A mistake that some Darwinians make is that they associate mutation with Natural Selection. However, there is no clear evidence that proves this association. The mutation is a change for which external stimulus is not necessarily required. Whereas for adaptation, there is usually an external stimulus or cause. It is an adaptation that we wear warm clothes in cold weather. 

According to Darwinians, a change that occurs in an organism through the years is an adaptation, but they are on the wrong track. For instance, they think that people living in cool areas have white skins whereas those living in hot areas have black skins due to adaptation. This hypothesis is proven wrong with honest observations. There are some cold places on the earth where people having black skins are living for thousands of years, but their skin color has remained the same. There are also people having white skins living in hot areas for thousands of years, but their skin color has remained the same. This proves that the change that occurs is not adaptation rather it is something else. If the change does not occur due to adaptation then the chances of the external stimulus are excluded. If the change does not occur only due to external stimulus then one can not agree with Darwin’s view of Natural Selection.

So, in the end, I would like to suggest that yes, it is the time to move away from Darwin’s theory of evolution. Yes, it is time to turn over to the right track. It is the time to be open-minded and leave our fanatic ways of blind following. 


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Sher Ahmad

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