Biology Chapter # 1 Quiz 1

Welcome to your Biology Chapter # 1 Quiz 1

1. All Qanoon-fil-Tibb is famous book of
2. One of the following large number of cell but not a multicellular.
3. According to five Kingdom system classification mushroom belongs to kingdom
4. One of the following is not macro-molecule.
5. The level of Organization which is represented by the heart of frog is
6. Which one of the following cellular organization represents Volvox
7. Which bio-elements make most of the composition of organism’s body
8. Study about internal structure is called
9. Five kingdom system classification is proposed by
10. The basic structural and functional unit of organism is called
11. Kitabul Manazir is a famous book of
12. Study about classification is called
13. Amoeba is an example of
14. Study about insect is called
15. Bacteria belongs to Kingdom
16. Frog is ________ cellular

Fungi cell wall is made up of

18. Bounded membrane organelles are absent in
19. Plant cell wall is made up of
20. There are total ________ bio elements.
21. “The number of plant in desert are scarce” this could be the statement of
22. How many people get lung cancer by smoking? This question can be answered through:

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