Chemistry Class # 9 Ch # 1 Quiz # 2

Welcome to your Chemistry Class # 9 Ch # 1 Quiz # 2

Which of the following compounds have the same molecular as well as empirical formula?
Mass number of an atom is denoted by_________
Chemical formula of Magnesia is______
The formula of Calcium oxide is ______
The symbol of Tungsten element is ___________
Avogadro’s number is numerically equals to ______________
___________  are atoms or group of atoms that has a single electron in an outer shell with no charge.
An atom which have net negative charge is known as
The particle that carries an electrical charge, positive or negative is known as
Molecular ions are also called
Which of the following molecule have the same empirical as well as molecular formula
The empirical formula of acetic acid is
Molecular formula shows
Molecular formula of Benzene is
The average atomic mass of chlorine is

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