Chemistry Class # 9 Ch # 1 Quiz # 3

Welcome to your Chemistry Class # 9 Ch # 1 Quiz # 3

Average atomic mass is the weighted average of the atomic masses of the naturally occurring __________  of an element.
Mass number of Oxygen atom is
Mass number is equal to the sum of number of protons + number of ___________.
The number of proton present in the nucleus of an atom is called ____________
Atomic number is represented by _____
Examples of heterogeneous mixture is
A mixture having uniform composition throughout its mass is called
Example of homogeneous mixture is
Chemical formula of bleaching powder is
Chemical name of caustic soda is
The symbol of Gold is
__________ is generally known as the father of Chemistry.
Distillation is a chemical method which were introduced by _______
Atomic mass unit is the mass of 1/12 of the mass of any atom of
Number of naturally occurring elements are
The symbol of Fluorine is
Each element consists of only ______ kind of atoms.
The symbol of lead is
The chemical formula of Sodium nitrate is
A widely used example of mixture is __________

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