Computer MS Word MCQs # 2

Welcome to your Computer MS Word MCQs # 2

1. ____________Are the blank space around the edges of the page in MS Word
2. The command is use to convert text automatically into correct words as you write is ____________
3. The function is used to replace a word or phrase in the documents with related words is called ____________
4. The shortcut key use for Thesaurus is ____________
5. A mark you insert to show the end of a section is called ____________
6. The command is used to link a Document is called ____________
7. The Shortcut key use for Hyperlinks is called ____________
8. __________ Is an item or location in a documents that you identify and name for future references
9. __________ Is used to set paper margins, size, paper source and layout of active files
10. The shortcut key for print preview is ____________
11. The Shortcut key to print a file is ____________
12. The shortcut key for go to the beginning of the list of document is ____________
13. ___________ is the shortcut key for Go to the end of the list of comments
14. To create a hanging indent the shortcut key is ____________
15. MS Office is a product of ____________
16. __________ is used to make Documents
17. MS Word convert all Documents into ____________
18. We use ____________ shortcut key for changing the formatting of characters
19. ____________ is used s a shortcut key for creating Auto text
20. To justify a Paragraph we use the shortcut key is ____________

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