Matrices quiz 3

Welcome to your Matrices Chapter 1 #3

1. Deselect Answer
2. Deselect Answer
3. uc?export=view&id=19B6sfL6sreB6Eth p89fhHUM 4L knN4Deselect Answer
4. Deselect Answer
5. When number of columns of first matrix equal to number of rows of 2nd matrix is ____ for multiplication.Deselect Answer
6. Deselect Answer
7. Two matrices are conformable for addition/subtraction, if they are the same _____.Deselect Answer
8. The __________ matrix is the additive identity for addition.Deselect Answer
9. Deselect Answer
10. The null matrix is the additive ______ for addition.Deselect Answer
11. Deselect Answer
12. The determinant is number, not a _______.Deselect Answer

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