Matrices quiz 2

Welcome to your Matrices Chapter 1 #2

1. q1 minDeselect Answer
2. BI= ___.Deselect Answer
3. |A| is called ____.Deselect Answer
4. q2 minDeselect Answer
5. q2 minDeselect Answer
6. |A| = 0Deselect Answer
7. |A| ≠ 0Deselect Answer
8. A ________ is a rectangular array of real numbers enclosed in square brackets.Deselect Answer
9. Each number in a matrix is called ___________ of the matrix.Deselect Answer
10. Matrices are mostly denoted by _____ letter.Deselect Answer
11. The ________ of a matrix run horizontally.Deselect Answer
12. q3 minDeselect Answer
13. A matrix with represents m is ______.Deselect Answer
14. A matrix with represents n is _____.Deselect Answer
15. Order of a matrix is also called _________.Deselect Answer
16. q4 minDeselect Answer
17. Scalar matrix is a special case of _____ matrix.Deselect Answer
18. The product of any matrix and zero matrix is a ________.Deselect Answer
19. Identity matrix is also called ______ matrix.Deselect Answer
20. The real number is multiplying to ____ elements of the matrix.Deselect Answer

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