Repeated MCQs Test No. 10

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 10

1. Highest flag of south Asia is in?
2. World’s biggest uncut diamond sells for?
3. Pond sterling is the currency of?
4. The capital of Canada is?
5. The world largest Muslim county by area?
6. 2018 Olympics is played in?
7. Eiffel tower is located in?
8. Who played role of Quad-e- Azam in film “Jinnah” released in November?
9. M16 is secret intelligence service branch of?
10. What is the biggest hydroelectric station in world?
11. What is the longest river in the world?
12. Top country in the Asia on smoking consumption 2017?
13. Darling river situated in?
14. Upper Volta is the new name of?
15. Name of goggle’s parent company?
16. What is the capital of USA?
17. Cortes Generales is official name of?
18. The Islamic constitution (shora) is parliament of?
19. Capital of Afghanistan is?
20. Headquarter of international telecommunication union is in?

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