Repeated MCQs Test No. 13

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 13

1. When we celebrated world post day?
2. Diesel engine was discovered by?
3. How many hundred years old city fond in Iraq?
4. The maple of leaf flag?
5. BIN is intelligence agency of?
6. The smallest among coastal nations?
7. Largest producer of Gold in world is?
8. Who won the Nobel prize for literature 2017?
9. Who won Nobel prize on economic 2017?
10. Which planet is much bright in our solar system?
11. Which country called land of pure People?
12. Glass bridge is located in?
13. Rainbow river located in?
14. What is meant by petticoat government?
15. What is value of china Pakistan economic corridor?
16. EVA air is the airline of?
17. Kyrgyzstan currency is?
18. Pink lake is located in?
19. IGEM stands for?
20. Paradise leaks data originates from which law firm?
21. Mosad and Aman secret agencies of?
22. Largest gulf is the world is?
23. The picture back on 5000 is?
24. The picture back on 1000 note?
25. The picture back on 500 is?
26. The picture back on 100 is?

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