Repeated MCQs Test No. 14

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 14

1. Australia discovered by?
2. USA consists of ________________ states?
3. World diabetes day?
4. Bank Alfalah partners with online purchasing?
5. The largest fresh water lake of Africa is?
6. Length of great wall is?
7. Caracas of capital?
8. Play ground of Europe is
9. Egypt president Hosni Mobark ruled Egypt?
10. WAFA is the news agency of?
11. Saudi kingdom was found in?
12. World most spoken language is?
13. Robert Gabriel Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe?
14. The importance of being earnest is written by?
15. Chile currency is?
16. Taiwan capital is?
17. When WWE introduced in Olympics?
18. Mughal king Humayoon died due to?
19. MIT is spy agency of?
20. Almeria city located in?
21. Cockpit of Europe is?
22. Which country called pearl east?
23. Ball point invented by
24. Garuda is airline of?
25. Interfax is news agency of?

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