Repeated MCQs Test No. 15

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 15

1. Which king died while playing Polo?
2. City of masjids is?
3. Godfather author?
4. World biggest diamond producer is?
5. France currency is?
6. In which year Alexander becomes king?
7. Oldest city of Pakistan?
8. The author of diplomacy is?
9. Hanoi is capital of?
10. Distance from sun to mercury?
11. Pristina is the capital of?
12. Pakistan officially joined UN on?
13. Honduras is a ……………………country?
14. City of maple trees in Pakistan?
15. World snakeless country is?
16. Founder of exam is?
17. How many feathers in shuttle in badminton?
18. EVA is airline of?
19. Nobel prize in economics started in?
20. The name of UNO was coined by?
21. World’s tallest man is?
22. World's shortest woman in the world is?
23. How many years 1st constitutional assembly lasted
24. Worlds’ narrowest street is?
25. Real is the currency of?
26. Fleet street is situated in?

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