Repeated MCQs Test No. 4

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 4

1. The hottest desert of the world is?
2. The world largest lake is
3. OIC was founded in?
4. Largest arms importer of world is?
5. Reuter is the news agency of?
6. First human transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christian Barnard in?
7. The height of Eiffel tower is …………………..feet
8. The Delaware river is in?
9. The Suez canal is located in?
10. The oldest news agency in the world in?
11. NATO is an/a …………..alliance?
12. The atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on?
13. Who made design of Pakistan’s first stamp ticket?
14. 22 March is observed as?
15. The height of all four minars of Bad-shahi mosque?
16. Hitler party which came into power in 1933?
17. Quad-e-Azam mother tongue was?
18. Grand central terminal park avenue New York is the world’s
19. When Fatima Jinnah did join all India Muslim leagues?
20. The united nation has …………………….principal organ?
21. Which county made on exit from Kyoto protocol?
22. The largest peninsula in the world is
23. Thomas cup is associated with which game?
24. The Headquarter of NATO is located in

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