Repeated MCQs Test No. 5


1. For which disciplines Nobel prize is awarded?
2. FFC stands for?
3. ARIANA is the airline of which country?
4. The 6th organ “trusteeship council” of suspended operation on November 01 1994 with independence of?
5. Eritrea which become the 182nd member of UN in 1993 in the continent of?
6. The currency of Qatar is?
7. 7 April is observed as?
8. What is the capital of Vietnam?
9. Which sign of zodiac is also called the water barer?
10. The social network twitter is launched in?
11. The monetary of Bangladesh is
12. The OIC was founded in
13. Epsom is the place associated with
14. Which SAARC member country was largest literacy rate
15. The soviet media theory had its roots in?
16. The IMF was founded in?
17. The capital of Saudi Arabia is?
18. 8 March is observed as?
19. The nation aeronautics and space administration was formed in?
20. First china war fought between?
21. Gulf cooperation council was originally formed by?
22. First afghan war took place in?
23. Pakistan standard time was suggested by?
24. TASS is news agency of?
25. Which country has oldest monarchy?

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