Repeated MCQs Test No. 7

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 7

1. The most beautiful stone marble is extracted from which province of Pakistan?
2. What is the capital of Queensland?
3. Which bird with a distinctive call lays its eggs In the nest of others birds?
4. What is the world largest living mammal?
5. The longest river in Pakistan is?
6. Which is 2nd largest desert in world after Sahara?
7. Where the biggest salt mine located in Pak?
8. How many white stars are on the national flag of USA?
9. Which country is world’s largest producer of coffee?
10. What is the national bird of Pakistan?
11. Which two primary colors are makes purple color?
12. Georgia Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan becomes member of UNO?
13. Who was the first president of USA?
14. Who was the 1st emperor of China?
15. Which is the largest city of Australia by population?
16. Fire temple is place of worship of which religion?
17. Headquarter of the company Nestle is in?
18. What is the standard monetary unit of Turkey?
19. During world war 2 when Germany attack France?
20. Where is the tomb of Mughal emperor Jahangir?
21. Which continent comprises the land around south pole?
22. The head-quarter of league of nation is situated in?
23. What are the three main languages of Switzerland?
24. In which US state is the city of san Diego?
25. What is the name of large salt lake which lies b/w Israel and Jordon?

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