Repeated MCQs Test No. 8

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 8

1. Which country is most popular destination for foreign tourists?
2. How squares may have chess board?
3. Each year world Red cross and Red crescent day celebrated?
4. Denmark is situated in?
5. The industrial revolution first took place in?
6. The communist manifesto was 1st published at?
7. The continent Antarctica lies at?
8. The famous book al Qanoon written by?
9. Hockey was introduced in Asian games in?
10. First international peace conference was held in London?
11. Headquarter of UNO is situated at?
12. Which river does not flow from Jammu and Kashmir?
13. The severity of 2000 earth quake in Pak on Richter scale?
14. The exact time taken by earth for single rotation on its own axis is?
15. The capital of Iceland is?
16. Which two countries is involved in 100-year war?
17. Maximum spoken language in the world is?
18. The largest automobile manufacturing center is located in?
19. Second most populous country in world?
20. The largest lake of salt water is?
21. Indonesia is situated in?
22. Who is the only appointed general secretary of UNO on 31th December 2016?
23. The 2017 hearth of Asia Istanbul ministerial process will be hosted by which county?
24. Heart of Asia Istanbul ministerial process of 2016 located by?
25. The largest flag ever made weight at t ton with 44 miles of thread certified by Guinness world record belongs to?

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