Repeated MCQs Test No. 9

Welcome to your Repeated MCQs Test No. 9

1. Who is newly appointed General Secretary of UNO on 31st December, 2016?
2. The 2017 Heart of Asia – Istanbul Ministerial process will be hosted by which country?
3. Heart of Asia – Istanbul Ministerial process of 2016 hosted by
4. The largest flag was made, weight at 5 ton with 44 miles of thread, certified by Guinness world record belongs to
5. Who has elected as 45th president of USA
6. Asian Men’s Hockey championship 2016 held in
7. King Bhumibol world’s?
8. BRICS Summit held on 15-16 October, 2016 in?
9. Which country operated the world’s largest radio?
10. Tenge is the currency of?
11. Jezira Haft Talar is another name of?
12. OBOR summit 2017 was held in May in………………..?
13. Sayed sheriff ud din pirzada served as the secretary general of OIC during?
14. Who is newly elected presided of Germany in 2017?
15. Which team has won 6th time Mens hand ball world championship?
16. World’s longest nonstop flight starts from Qatar and lands in?
17. Donald trump sworn in as ………………….US president?
18. The world’s 2nd longest river is?
19. Dead sea is located in which country?
20. Dove is symbol of?
21. Which country is not involved in BRICS?
22. What does CPEC stands for?
23. What is the total length of Indus river?
24. The head-quarter of prohibition of chemical weapons on?
25. The currency of Iraq is?

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