The Mayan calendar and 21 june 2020?

Updated: 19 Jun 2020


Is the world going to end on 21 june 2020?

The Mayan Calendar and its believers

There has been widespread speculations that the world is going to end on twenty-first of this month. These speculations are based on a conspiracy theory that states that the world will end after a time span of 5126 years. A major apocalypse will occur after which the world will come to its end. 

According to the believers of this theory the duration is based on the Mayan calendar.  This calendar was first used by greek polytheist and later on adopted by many Mesoamerican nations. These nations used very complicated calendars among which the Mayan calendar was a prominent one. 
In Mayan calendars, there is a long cycle known as “Long Count” that extends to 5126 years. It is this cycle upon which they base the prediction of the end of the world. This  cycle was to end on December 21, 2012 and thus the believers of this theory had predicted the end of the world to be that very day, but nothing happened that day and thus the prediction proved to be wrong. 
Now, the followers of the theory are claiming again  the end of the world will be the 21st June of this year. There is no scientific base for this claim and even a blind would reject it. It is also claimed that  a certain planet is moving towards the sun which is going to collide with earth on 21st June. NASA and other space agencies have repeatedly rejected all these claims.
Scientifically, this theory has no value and there is no such evidence that prove this theory correct. So an incorrect can never be corrected by just crunching and moving the numbers to and fro. According to NASA, this theory is just a fictional assertion.
According to studies and research, there is a possibility of solar eclipse of about 38 seconds on 21st June, but that does not mean the end of the world. When the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) was asked by Jibreel (A.S)  about the day of resurrection, He (S.A.W)  replied that the answerer had no better knowledge than the questioner. 
Only Allah (S.W.T) knows the time when the day of resurrection will come. According to Quran  and Sunnah, signs like Imam Mahdi, the descending of Essa (A.S), the arrival of Dajjal and Dabatul Ardh will  be shown to the whole world like a shining sun and then eventually the sun will rise from the west after which no repentence will be accepted. 
Insha Allah 21st June will be a pleasant day. 
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