Class 4 Science

Updated: 12 Jun 2022


These MCQs are collected from the Class 4 Science Book based on Curriculum 2020 according to the New Course (Single National Curriculum) for PST/CT/TT/AT and other related tests taken by NTS, PPSC, FPSC, PMS, FTS, ETEA and ……. We will also upload other types of MCQs as well for job seekers. If you find any mistake in the quizzes kindly contact us through this link or WhatsApp at 03465399571 or click on the WhatsApp icon appears on the right corner of the Website. For updates regarding quizzes, notes, and videos, or want to give us suggestions kindly like and follow our Facebook page. Moreover, if you find any objectionable content on our website please also notify us. Thanks. 


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Class 4 Science MCQs

Class 4 Chapter # 1 MCQs

Characteristics and Life Processes of Organisms

Class 4 Chapter # 2 MCQs


Class 4 Chapter # 3 MCQs

Human Health

Class 4 Chapter # 4 MCQs

Matter and its Characteristics

Class 4 Chapter # 5 MCQs

Forms of Energy and Energy Transfer

Class 4 Chapter # 6 MCQs

Force and Motion

Class 4 Chapter # 7 MCQs

The Earth and its Resources

Class 4 Chapter # 8 MCQs

Earth’s Weather and Climates

Class 4 Chapter # 9 MCQs

Solar System

Class 4 Chapter # 10 MCQs

Technology in Everyday Life